Nearly all of your pressing inquiries are addressed in Sony’s comprehensive PlayStation VR FAQ.

On February 22, Sony will introduce its newest virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5. While there have been rumors that demand for the $550 PlayStation VR2 isn’t quite what the firm anticipated, Sony has made an effort to allay customers’ fears and address any unanswered questions via a comprehensive FAQ.

The company reaffirmed that during the launch window, which it defines as the first month, gamers will have a choice of more than 30 titles. Among these are Gran Turismo 7’s and Resident Evil Village’s VR features, which are both free for people who already own those games, as well as Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a VR spin-off of the Horizon titles.

On PS VR2, users won’t immediately be able to play titles from the first PlayStation VR. As stated by Sony, “The PS VR2 is equipped with cutting-edge features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, inside-out tracking, eye tracking, and more to give a true next-generation VR experience.” “PS VR games are incompatible with PS VR2 due to this new way of playing games on PS VR2.” Nevertheless, a number of developers have produced PS VR2 versions of already-released titles, and some are providing free upgrades.

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